A Dream You Dream Alone Is Only A Dream,

A Dream You Dream Together Is Reality.

-John Lennon


Divides the Task


Multiplies the Success

Intelligent Auto Night Lamp

What is CRI? Why is CRI important for lighting and What is the common standards for CRI?

Can't differentiate between the NAVY BLUE and BLACK colored clothes? Hmmmmm, It could be that installed light source has a low CRI !!! The CRI means Color Rendering Index, is a measurement of how well a lamp illuminates color. It’s not a measurement of brightness, but more an indication of how...

Cracking Microsoft Excel password within 1 minute (VBA Code)

Following actions are required to Unlock Excel files by using VBE code. Step-1: Opening excel sheet, open up the VBE window (Alt+F11). Step-2: Go to View > Code Step-3: Then Go to Run > Run Macro (F5) Step-4: That's it. Now, a pop-up window will show you the password. Sub PasswordBreaker() 'Breaks...

Resistor Color Code Calculator – 4 Bands

Resistor is a passive component of electrical circuits which implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. Basically, it has two terminal & this is used to reduce current flow, to divide voltages, to bias active elements, to adjust signal levels and to terminate transmission lines....

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