Can’t differentiate between the NAVY BLUE and BLACK colored clothes?
Hmmmmm, It could be that installed light source has a low CRI !!!

The CRI means Color Rendering Index, is a measurement of how well a lamp illuminates color. It’s not a measurement of brightness, but more an indication of how sharp colors will appear under the light source when compared with sunlight.

The CRI is measured from 0-100. The perfect 100 indicates that colors under the light source will appear the same as they would under the natural sunlight.

Please be remember that CRI should not be confused with CCT, which stands for Correlated Color Temperature. The two are related, but represent different qualities light of a lamp. When you hear people talking about warm white light or cool white light or cool day light, they are talking about CCT, or the color temperature of the light given off. CRI, on the other hand, is metric of how well a specific lamp illuminates color.

In the lighting industry, CRI rating helps to find out the hue discrimination, discern naturalness, color vividness, color naming accuracy and the color harmony of lights.

* Lights with a CRI greater than 80 are considered to accept for most applications.
* Lights with a CRI greater than 90 is generally considered as “High CRI” lights.

CRI 100

CRI 80

CRI 60

CRI 40

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